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Sesame Seed ETO Sterilizer machine
ETO Gas Sterilizer is used for ethylene oxide sterilizing. It is high on demand in the plastic and pharmaceutical industry across the globe. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of ETO Gas Sterilizers. We offer both fully automatic and manually operated ETO Gas Sterilizers to meet variegated demands of our clients. Moreover, clients can avail them in various sizes and specifications as well.
Construction :
ETO Gas Sterilizer uses ethylene oxide as a biocide for sterilizing process to destroy viruses, fungus, bacteria and other unwanted organisms. ETO consists of a closed chamber mostly double jacketed, corrosion resistance, gas resistant of suitable alloy (mainly mild steel). The middle jacket is surrounded with the hot water to raise the temperature of the product. The outer jacket of ethylene oxide sterilizer is insulated with proper insulation material for heat resistant. This ETO gas sterilizer equipment is provided with vacuum pump, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, and nozzle connection for hot & cold water. It consists of one door which is made with central locking arrangement in order to make chamber close tight.

Features :
  • Internal cage provided for non-sticking of bags inside the chamber.
  • Compact design to suit all environmental conditions.
  • ETO Sterilizer is also available in Single door and Double door.
  • Radial locking arrangement for seal proof condition.
  • MOC SS and M.S

Applications :
  • In food industries (Wheat flour, grains, all types of spices etc.) where various seeds like sesame seeds, celery Seeds, ground cumin, dill seed are sterilized and exported.
  • In hydration plants where (onion powder, onion flakes, garlic powder, garlic flakes, etc. are manufactured and exported)
  • In pharmaceutical products, hospitals, etc.
  • In plywood industries where ply woods are sterilized against white ants and residual bacteria.

Note : Sizes As Per Customer Requirement

Types of Sterilizer :
  • ETO Gas Sterilizer
  • ETO Steam Sterilizer
  • ETO Table Top


Model volumetric capacity in M3 Working pressure Working Temperature Total HP Required Vacuum pump Domestic pump
2x2x4 0.45 1 to 1.5 kg/cm2 55 to 60c 1.5 HP + 0.5 hp
4x4x6 2.72 1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2 55 to 60c 2 HP + 1 hp
6x6x10 10 cu. mt 1.0 to 1.5 kg/cm2 55 to 60c 3 HP + 1hp
6x6x20 20 1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2 55 to 60c 5 HP + 2hp
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